11 Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring Packers and Movers in Pune

Choosing packers and movers in Pune for home shifting is a bigger decision. You can’t hire a random company. You need to check various things. You have to be sure that the team makes the relocation easy and successful.

You may get various cheaper offers but choosing the company only on the basis of this is a mistake. It can be possible that they don’t have the expertise to handle your move. So, they attract customers to give such the cheapest offer. So, assuring about the quality is the need. After that, you can consider the price quotes and more.

Now, you may think of how you get to know about the quality and the offers on packing and moving services. You can ask the expert about some simple questions. The answers will tell you whether the company handles your packing and moving or not.

What Are the Questions to Ask a Packing and Moving Company?

Here are the top questions to ask your packing and moving company:

1. Do you have your own team to handle packing and moving or leave it to the contractors?

By asking this question, you get to know about the team. If the packers and movers in Pune have their own team, then they care more about your goods. They know the importance of reputation. But when a team from a contractor company will work, then they may not care about the reputation of the packing and moving company. It means that they are not attentive enough to shape the packing and moving.

2. How will you transport the goods?

The transportation method will be another thing that you should ask for to know the company well. If you find them briefing about the moving truck that they are going to use and others for a safer moving of your goods, then it will be a reliable company. You may choose the movers and packers in Pune. But when they don’t give transparent information, then the company is not trustworthy.

3. Does your team have experience?

You need to ask about the experience. If they are new, then measuring the performance quality is tougher. Training and performance in reality both are different. If they don’t even lift heavier items and you have many, then how can you get assurance about the safe loading and unloading of it? So, get the information. Always trusting the experienced packing and moving company in Pune, Maharashtra will be a smart move.

4. What materials do you use while packing?

Don’t forget to ask about packing materials. A good company always uses the best quality boxes, wrapping papers, and others to provide safety to your belongings. So, the answer assures the quality, then you may think of hiring professionals.

5. What other services do you provide?

The company provides packing, loading, unloading, and transporting services. But you need storage services or help in unpacking your stuff. But after hiring, you may find that they don’t provide these services, then what do you do? It creates problems. So, it will be always good to ask about the other services. When you find them offering the services of pet relocation, plant shifting, and others, then you may think of hiring them. Assuring about the other services before hiring will be the requirement. So, don’t skip asking it.

6. Can you tell a few names of your customers?

A good company always has a strong customer base. They never hesitate to share details of their customers. They know that building the trust is important. By talking with past customers, people trust easily. But a bad company always avoids such questions. They may ignore such questions. So, you should ask movers and packers in Pune about this. If the company provides all the details without wasting time, then you are dealing with the right company. So, ask and choose the right based on the reply.

7. What is included in the price quotes?

Packers and movers charges in Pune will not be the same for every move. So, whatever price quote they offer, you need to know the services included in the price quotes. Yes, you need to get a clear idea about them. If you get the lowest price quote but they don’t include all the services, then in the end, you get a hike in the cost. And this must be higher than other offers. You must not want to experience something like this for sure. So, ask it and get transparent information about the services. This helps you know whether this offer is the best or not. After that, making the right decision will be easier.

8. What is the payment method of your company?

By asking this question, you know the packers and movers in Pune well. A good company always accepts online payment. They give details of it. Whereas fraud companies push you to give cash payments. So, verify it before thinking of trusting the company.

9. Is it needed to pay a deposit?

For booking the slot, most packing and moving companies in Pune ask for a deposit. You need to pay for this. But sometimes, you may miss this and find that the moving and packing company is not there on the moving day. Yes, you read this right and it is because you are not paying the booking amount. To avoid such a situation and get the best services, you should have a clear idea of it. Also, pay this as per the demand to avoid unwanted situations. If they claim a bigger amount, then you may deal with the wrong company. By asking this question, you can save yourself from making any wrong decision.

10. Can the packers and movers offer insurance?

Insurance coverage for your goods while transporting is a requirement. A good packing and moving company understands this as well. So, they always provide transit insurance. But when they will not provide it, then the company is not trustworthy. Don’t think of hiring them. Remember this. By asking this question, you can know the company as well as its responsibilities. After that, the selection can’t be wrong.

11. Do you provide written commitment?

You find the company is perfect in all. Now, you can ask about the written commitment. Whatever they are sharing, they can provide it in writing or not. If the answer is yes, then the company is perfect. Hire them. When they are not comfortable doing this, then don’t deal with them.

Final words

Now, you have an idea of the questions that you need to ask before hiring. So, go for it and select the best company for your next move.

All the best!

Author Bio: Aditya Keshari

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