A Journey with Acoustic Panels, Baffles, and Rafts


In the realm of architectural acoustics, where sound meets space, the trilogy of Acoustic Panels, Baffles, and Rafts plays a pivotal role. This exploration navigates the symphony of these elements, unraveling their significance, unique features, and the transformative role they play in sculpting auditory experiences.

Elevating Sound Clarity: The Power of Acoustic Ceiling Baffles

1. Vertical Prowess for Sound Control:

Acoustic Ceiling Baffles, the vertical artisans of sound management, prove their worth by enhancing speech intelligibility and sound clarity. Their suspended design optimizes space, making them indispensable in large environments. By amplifying surface area exposure, they become powerful allies in the battle against reverberation.

2. A Practical Solution for Expansive Spaces:

Ideal for spaces with limited wall area or where traditional acoustic materials might be out of reach, ceiling baffles offer a practical and visually striking solution. Their vertical orientation optimizes space usage, making them particularly effective in expansive environments.

Acoustic Rafts: Sculpting Silence in Style

1. Openness in Design:

Acoustic Rafts extend the realm of sound control, especially in open office plans with high ceilings. Their downward extension from the ceiling transforms these functional elements into design statements. The openness in design allows them to seamlessly blend with the aesthetics of the space.

2. Versatility Beyond Sound Absorption:

Beyond their primary role in sound absorption, Acoustic Rafts offer a canvas for creativity. They can be combined with light fixtures or turned into decorative sculptures overhead. This dual functionality not only controls sound but adds an artistic dimension to the spatial ambiance.

Acoustic Ceiling Baffles & Rafts: A Symbiotic Symphony

1. Seamless Integration:

The synergy between Acoustic Ceiling Baffles and Rafts is a design marvel. Together, they extend the scope of sound control without encroaching on the visual expanse. The seamless integration of these elements allows for a holistic approach to acoustic design.

2. Sculpting Silence in Style:

When combined, Baffles and Rafts become sculptors of silence, crafting an acoustic masterpiece. The downward extension of Rafts complements the vertical prowess of Baffles, creating an immersive auditory experience without the need for intrusive walls or panels.

Key Features of Acoustic Ceiling Baffles & Rafts

1. Echo Wave Baffle:
  • Aesthetic Finesse: The Echo Wave Baffle, a Class A Acoustic Ceiling Baffle at, introduces aesthetic finesse with its unique wave design. Beyond its visual appeal, this baffle maximizes sound absorption, battling reverberation and echo effectively.
  • Premium Build: Featuring an MTech foam core and a Blazer Lite fabric finish, it not only looks good but delivers top-tier sound absorption. The wave design isn’t just about aesthetics; it strategically removes energy from unwanted echoes.
  • Ease of Installation: Despite its size, the Echo Wave Baffle is lightweight and hassle-free to install. The ease of installation enhances its practicality without compromising on performance.
2. Alpha Acoustic Ceiling Baffles:
  • Versatility in Design: Alpha Acoustic Ceiling Baffles, available in straight or wave designs, redefine versatility. They seamlessly blend acoustical effectiveness with aesthetic appeal, making them a versatile addition to commercial or educational spaces.
  • Sustainability Redefined: Manufactured with 65% post-consumer recycled fibers, Alpha Panels stand as a sustainable choice. From compressed and spun fibers derived from recycled PET bottles, these panels showcase an optimal balance of acoustic performance and rigidity.
  • Size and Color Options: Alpha Panels provide flexibility in configurations with various sizes (12mm or 24mm thickness) and 18 solid color choices. This adaptability ensures that they cater to both functional and visual preferences.
3. Acoustic Rafts:
  • Open Design Philosophy: Acoustic Rafts bring an open design philosophy to the soundscape. Their downward extension from the ceiling ensures a harmonious blend with the surroundings, providing sound control without compromising visual aesthetics.
  • Versatility in Integration: The openness in design allows Acoustic Rafts to be combined with light fixtures or transformed into decorative sculptures. This versatility extends beyond sound absorption, introducing an artistic flair to the acoustic design narrative.

Crafting Silence, Creating Art: Our Commitment at

In our journey to perfect auditory landscapes, stands as the orchestrator of acoustic excellence. Our commitment extends beyond providing products; we are creators of transformative auditory experiences.

About Us: Crafting Silence with Precision

At, our passion lies in creating acoustic solutions for all environments, be it the comfort of home, the productivity of the office, the cinematic experience, or the focused learning environment of schools. Our product range, available in various colors, shapes, and sizes, caters to your project needs with just a click.

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