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It is among the most common sports in Great Britain and the island nation’s former colonies. Cricket is especially popular in India, Pakistan, and Australia, so Asian bookmakers spin huge amounts of money within the designated sports area, for example here https://india-1xbet.in/line/kabaddi/1819057-pro-kabaddi-league. This fame of cricket has attracted a lot of interest from many foreign betting players. Let’s take a closer look at the features and nuances of the game.

Features of cricket

Outwardly, everything mimics baseball, with a ball being thrown (bowler) and struck with a specific bat (batsman). This is where the superficial similarities cease and the variances in the game’s rules begin.

  • The match takes place in a dedicated circle (20 meters in diameter) called pitch;
  • each team contains 11 players and one substitution;
  • only the offensive side may score points; the major aim of the defensive team is to eliminate all attacking team members from the game as soon as feasible;
  • in defense, there is a thrower (bowler) and ten fielders evenly dispersed throughout the pitch;
  • the batting players (batsmen) attack; only two attacking players are allowed on the pitch, and they are placed on opposing sides of the circle;
  • batsmen score runs by hitting the ball away from the opposing fielders, allowing it to run to the opposite end of the pitch before the fielders touch it;
  • the defense side eliminates the batter from the game if the thrower destroys a special wicket positioned behind the player reflecting the blow with his throw, or if the batsman reflects the ball so that the field players capture it before it touches the ground;
  • the contest is separated into distinct periods, innings: it finishes with the final (tenth) batter knocked out of the game;
  • each bowler bowls inside one “over” (6 shots), and then there is a change.

These are the fundamental rules; there are many more, and it is especially important to understand the extra rules for scoring and striking out hitters.

There are three formats for playing the game:

  • T-20 is the quickest format; it takes place over two innings when opponents take turns defending and attacking; such clashes typically run up to 3.5-4 hours;
  • one-day competition – lasts all day but is generally restricted to 40-50 overs;
  • test matches – run from 3 to 5 days, are contested against national teams and inside national championships (within this format, experienced bettors put bets largely in live mode).

The season lasts virtually all year, with no long interruptions; there is a sufficient market of events at bookies, allowing you to bet on cricket without interruption.

Types of bets

The betting market cannot be called huge; you can bet on the following options:

  • Outcomes;
  • odds;
  • totals (individual);
  • betting options within 1 inning;
  • on statistics: method of destroying the 1st wicket, etc.

There are enough long-term (special) offers. You can also follow the cricket betting line daily. You can place a long-term bet within a single tournament or player.

Where is the best place to bet on cricket?

We advise you 1xbet because among all bookmakers it is the most reliable and popular worldwide.

How to analyze a match

Before you place your bets, study a few important nuances.

Game conditions

Pay attention to two factors:

  • Pitch characteristics – slow or fast pitch coverage;
  • local climate.

Fast coverage benefits the thrower by making it more difficult for the batter to hit the ball (you can throw with a bounce off the pitch). The sluggish surface benefits the batter since the ball travels slowly.

Consider the weather conditions when team games are held. It is difficult for the Indian squad to perform in Australia because of the abrupt shift in temperature zone, and if the tournament is held in test mode for five days, the Australian national team has a stronger chance of victory.


The contest lasts only in natural light circumstances and is stopped by rain; as a result, no time is added if the game is played in test format. As a result, experienced bettors thoroughly researched the weather prediction for the area where the tournament is taking place.

Results of the draw

When faced with two opponents of comparable strength, experienced users frequently wait for the draw to determine who will strike first.

The first to attack a “fresh” field with new balls always has an advantage and, with skilled play, may quickly grab the initiative and gain a significant lead.

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