Decoding the Mystery of Dreaming about Fish: Is it a sign of good luck or bad luck?

Dreaming about fish is always something that makes us curious and wonder about its meaning. Is it a sign of good luck or bad luck? According to folk beliefs, this animal is often considered a symbol of wealth and success. So, is there any other message? Let’s learn more details through the article shared below.
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Analyze the meaning of dreaming about fish by type

It is true that dreams can bring about mysteries and can be signs of special events in our lives. Next, let’s find out the meaning of dreaming about these animals according to each type!

  • Goldfish: This dream often signifies wealth and success. Could be a good sign for your finances in the near future. Be prepared to take on new opportunities and express yourself well.
  • Raw fish: That can signify liveliness and positive energy in life. Maybe you will meet new people and have interesting experiences. More importantly, don’t be afraid to explore and enjoy new things.
  • Dead fish: Dreaming of dead fish can be a sign of bad luck in the future. However, don’t worry too soon, remember that this is just a dream and it is possible to change the outcome by taking positive action.
  • Big fish: This dream often represents success as well as power. You may now be on track to achieve your big life goals while also being recognized for your achievements.

Some common decoding meanings when dreaming about fish

Decoding the meaning of dreams about fish according to context

Dreams certainly appear often in our lives, and can also have many different meanings. Next, look forward to the decoding part dream about fish with many common situations:

Dreaming about fish swimming in water

This image in a dream can represent freedom and emotions. It can suggest that you are going through a phase of life where you are feeling free and joyful. At the same time, this can be a sign of success and happiness in work and personal life.

Dreaming about catching fish

This can signify success and achievement. When you dream about fish and catch it, this can imply that you are achieving the goals you have set in life. You have worked hard to achieve success at work or study. This can be a reminder to keep working hard while constantly improving.
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Each dream you encounter corresponds to its own omens

Dreaming about eating fish

Dreaming of eating fish can be related to growth as well as satisfaction. When this is the case, this can indicate taking in new experiences while growing personally. Most likely you are in the process of learning and gaining a deep understanding of life. At the same time, this dream also shows satisfaction with what has been achieved and satisfaction in life.

Dreaming about dead fish

Dreaming about fish Death can represent change and endings. This may imply that you are experiencing a change in your life or an ending period. Or is it a sign of having to accept change and adapt to new things. However, sometimes this situation can also be a warning of turmoil and difficulty in reality.

Refer to lucky numbers when dreaming about fish

Let’s explore the lucky numbers that make you dream of meeting this animal! Here are some smart suggestions you can apply:.

  • Dreaming about fish in general: Lucky number: 79
  • Dreaming about gold: Lucky numbers: 20, 29
  • Dreaming about black seeds: Lucky numbers: 70, 30
  • Dreaming about going fishing: Lucky numbers: 20, 40, 82
  • Dreaming about carp: Lucky number: 58
  • Seeing a white baby in your dream: Lucky numbers: 01, 81, 41
  • Dreaming about yourself fishing: Lucky numbers: 76, 78, 87
  • Dreaming about snakehead fish: Lucky number: 68
  • Dreaming of fish: Lucky number: 85
  • Dreaming about flying fish: Lucky number: 76
  • Dreaming of seeing ornamental fish: Lucky number: 40
  • Dreaming about being attacked by them: Lucky number: 73

Refer to some lucky numbers that members can apply


Just now that’s all the decoding involved dream about fish. In general, it not only helps us understand ourselves better, but also partly helps us discover hidden aspects and important messages in everyday life. Please continue to read our unique spiritual decoding categories to find lucky lottery numbers.

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