DTG printer – How to go beyond t-shirt printing

Anyone who works in the printing industry knows the importance of having diverse products in their catalogue, and that nowadays, working with just one type of fabric and product is becoming outdated. Consumers don’t just look for printed t-shirts, they look for diverse products with the print they like.

With the advancement of technology, entrepreneurs in this market have machines capable of printing prints on different types of products and fabrics, no longer needing to stick to just one type and, consequently, increasing their range of items. As we provide direct to garment printing in Dallas lets discuss this printing technology. 

Technology and printing

Fundamental these days, technology has come to help and make our lives easier, and in the textile world, this is no different. The market today has direct-to-fabric printing (DTG), the most recent printing technique, but which is gaining more and more space.

With DTG printers, it is possible to print different types of products and with very different fabrics. The printing equipment is sophisticated, with print heads with piezoelectric technology, which can work on irregular surfaces, such as zippers and spare seams.

Types of products that can be printed

Printing t-shirts is a great start for your company, but why stop there? Letting your creativity flow and creating other printed pieces will make your product range grow, reaching even more customers. But after all, what types of products can you print to sell?

Custom Jeans

Clothes made from denim fabric, as it is a thick fabric and has extra seams, have always been difficult to print, however, with DTG printer technology, it is possible to print this type of fabric.

Nowadays, it is increasingly common to go out on the street and find someone wearing a jacket, pants or denim shorts with a personalized print. Whatever the piece, there are countless prints that can be created. We’ve put together some print ideas for you to get inspired by:

  • People’s favorite bands
  • Characters
  • Nature
  • Hearts
  • Stripes 
  • Camouflaged

Custom sneakers

Gone are the days when people liked sneakers in a single color, without any prints. Now, it’s common to find people wearing colorful sneakers, all designed with their favorite images. Through DTG technology, it is possible to print even sneakers, with any design the customer wants.

Whether with simpler or more elaborate prints, through direct printing on the fabric, there is the possibility of creating unique personalized sneakers, according to the tastes of each consumer. We have separated some ideas for prints that can be made on sneakers:

animal print


Electronic games




Personalized caps

With DTG technology it is possible to print prints from head to toe. It allows caps to be made with prints that win over customers, providing an alternative to embroidery and appliqués.

The customer simply needs to choose the print to be printed, place a cap made of fabric in the printer and that’s it, you will have a unique final product that suits your consumer’s taste. We have selected some print ideas for you to get inspired:

  • Sports teams
  • Known phrases
  • Floral
  • sports
  • Electronic games
  • Pets

Custom sweatshirt

The sweatshirt is one of the most common garments to be printed, however, as it is a thick fabric, not all printing techniques are recommended for this type of fabric. 

DTG technology allows for greater printing durability, as it uses water-based pigments, causing the ink to penetrate the fabric fibers, ensuring more resistance for the prints. Get inspired by some print ideas:

  • College Courses
  • Characters
  • Movies and series
  • Sports teams
  • Animals
  • Florals

Expand your product range with DTG printing

It is no longer necessary to purchase different equipment to print each type of clothing. Just count the DTG printers , which allow you to print different types of products and fabrics in a single machine, to expand your range of items and serve more and more customers.

You no longer need to work just with t-shirt prints, now you can work on printing a larger quantity of products and fabrics in your print shop. DTG printing is essential for expanding your sales, diversifying your products.

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