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Enhancing Distribution Network Capacity with Tecloman’s Battery Energy Storage Solutions

Tecloman is a trusted provider of comprehensive battery energy storage solutions for distribution networks. With their expertise and commitment to solving capacity-related challenges, Tecloman offers innovative solutions that optimize energy usage and alleviate peak demand, while addressing transformer overload and low voltage issues.

“Charge at Trough, Discharge at Peak” Method for Dynamic Capacity Increase

Tecloman’s battery energy storage solutions employ the “charge at trough, discharge at peak” method to dynamically increase the capacity of distribution networks. This strategy involves charging the batteries during off-peak periods when the demand for electricity is low, and discharging them during peak periods when the demand is high. By leveraging this method, Tecloman’s solutions effectively optimize energy usage, ensuring that excess energy is stored and made available when it is most needed. This approach not only enhances the capacity of the distribution network but also reduces strain on the grid during peak demand, resulting in improved efficiency and cost savings.

Addressing Transformer Overload and Low Voltage at the End Side

In order to fix problems with low voltage and overloading transformers on the distribution network’s end, Tecloman offers battery energy storage solutions. The energy storage system that uses batteries functions as a buffer, drawing power during peak demand and letting it go during off-peak hours. This aids in regulating voltage levels and relieving strain on transformers, which in turn prevents overload and guarantees a steady supply of power to consumers. In order to guarantee that power is delivered uninterruptedly, Tecloman’s solutions improve the distribution network’s overall performance and reliability by reducing transformer overload and maintaining ideal voltage levels.


Tecloman’s battery energy storage solutions offer distribution networks the means to enhance capacity dynamically while addressing transformer overload and low voltage issues. By leveraging their expertise and innovative technologies, Tecloman enables distribution networks to optimize energy usage, improve efficiency, and ensure reliable power supply to end users.

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