How to Catch Double Bets by Hitting and Winning from Experts

Lottery games have always been welcomed by many people who are passionate about numbers. The method of catching double numbers is currently a method that many lottery players have successfully applied and brought home a huge amount of money. So what’s the secret to winning? Let’s 789bet Find out right below this article.

What does double title mean?

Double number is understood as a number combined from 2 digits including the same tens and units. For example: 55, 44, 22,… However, based on the methods of catching double numbers, calculating bets on these double numbers is extremely difficult. Many brothers are passionate about double numbers, so they have spent a lot of effort and money to keep them for many days. But the results are not feasible.

Only when you know the two pairs of double numbers are equal, checking the numbers that will win today’s prize will be much simpler. From there, you can accurately deduce which animal will return the next day.

How to catch double numbers by having a high standard rate

For any form of lottery play, there need to be its own strategies. According to the comments of a number of experienced lottery players, the prediction method from previous lottery draws brings great value to today’s results. Especially experience and flexibility between situations. If you know how to combine the above factors and how to bet on double numbers, your chances of winning are very high.

The first way is to use the mute head

When applying this method of double betting, you need to check carefully and find the silent numbers that have come out before. Then, make statistics of the dumb heads that appear most often. Once you find it, raise this number for 3 consecutive days.

For example: If numbers 2 and 4 appear today, you should immediately raise numbers 22 and 44 and 3 the next day.

The second way is to use a mute ending to capture the double number

According to this method of catching double numbers, you will raise the negative endings for 3 consecutive days. This method is also quite effective and is used by many people.

For example: Today’s prize draw has the silent number ending in 8, then you raise the double number equal to 88 for 3 consecutive days.

You can use negative doubles to catch equal numbers

In addition to using the method of catching equal doubles, catching negative doubles is also relatively effective for players. Specifically:

  • If today’s draw shows a negative double number of 65, then tomorrow you bet on number 33 and number 11.
  • If today’s drawing has a negative double of 97, tomorrow you bet on 33 and 44
  • In case today the special prize is double negative 23, tomorrow you bet on 00 and 22

Double equal sign in special prize

This is a particularly useful method shared by veteran lottery players in the profession. If you see a double equal number appearing in the special lottery in each first or last position, then the next day use that same number to play the double equal number.
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For example: The lottery result of today’s special prize is 77562. You see the number 77 right at the beginning of the prize. Use it now for the double lottery that will be played tomorrow.

The double equal sign in the special prize is based on the total of that prize

According to this method of double betting, you will use the results of that day’s special prize. Add all the digits together to create a 2-digit total. Then use this result to bet the next day.

For example: If today’s special prize is 61836, then you will have a total of 24 numbers. Then raise a pair of double numbers equal to 22 and 44 in the next 3 days.

Use sets of skewed numbers to apply equal catch

  • If today’s payout is a double number that is 38 different, then the next day you should play a double equal to the numbers 56 and 76.
  • If today’s payout is a double number that is 38, then the next day you bet on a double with 22 and 33.
  • If today’s payout is a double number that is 96, then the next day the double bet is equal to 11 and 12
  • If today’s payoff has a double number that is 61, the next day you bet on 44

Based on prize 7 and prize 8 lottery results

This form of double catching based on lottery numbers 7 and 8 has also been popular recently. If you see any double lottery number appearing in these two prizes, use it to apply to the next day. Calculated this way, there will usually be a much higher winning rate than the Southern station’s lottery results.


Above is an overview of information on how to catch double-digit numbers extremely effectively, which has been approved by experts 789BET applied successfully. Guys, please pin these tips right away to find yourself the most beautiful pair of topics. Wishing all lottery players good luck!

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