How to play Go “standard without any adjustment” for new players

What is Go? How to play Go How to quickly win? Considered a question that attracts a lot of attention from bettors. If you also have questions like these, don’t skip this article Bookmaker Hi 88 are answered below.

What does a Go board include?

Go is a folk game that appeared many years ago, especially in Eastern countries. After a while, this game became popular and widely developed in many other countries. The most prominent of which is mainly in Japan with a number of participating members of up to 10 million people.

Normally, a Go board will have a square shape with 19 horizontal and vertical lines combined to form 361 points. As a beginner, you will play on a board that is about 9×9, while those who are proficient will be able to use 13×13.

Each person’s duty is about How to play Go That is to hinder opponents and build a land for yourself. Each bet will have 2 members, each person will use 1 black side and 1 white side, whoever has the wider range will be the winner.

Basically, How to play Go quite complicated unlike playing chess or Chinese chess. However, as long as you know how to calculate and analyze tactics, winning is extremely easy.

How to play basic Go for beginners

Go is a turn-based fighting genre. When playing, each member will randomly receive a white or black piece, and the person holding the black piece will go first. When it comes to their move, the player will place any checker at the intersection position with the main purpose of capturing the opponent’s checker. In How to play Go, absolutely do not move the chess pieces already on the table.

The chess game will continue like this according to each person’s turn. In case, if it’s your turn but you don’t want to take more pieces, you can give the right to play to someone else. This method is similar to other betting card games. If you want to continue, you have to wait until the next round. The bet will end if either participant abandons the bet or will win if the following conditions are met:

  • Both of them gave way to each other
  • Running out of troops to go
  • Running out of space to place flags

Scoring method in playing Go

Each intersection point that the bettor occupies based on a land of the same color will be counted as 1 point. If the number of intersection points is greater than 1 and there is 1 piece placed in the middle, it will not be counted.

Each prisoner who captures the opponent’s land will be given 1 point, if the white piece is added 5.5 for going behind.

Players will be allowed to eat if they fall into the following cases:

  • Two chess pieces are next to each other and located on two adjacent points.
  • A piece is damaged and has no pieces of the same color next to it.

Tips for playing Go properly for beginners

Umbrella How to play Go It’s not too difficult, but not everyone can win and bring the prize money to their wallet. Especially get How to play Go Even more difficult, they require participants to have the right strategy, in addition to understanding the rules of the game, they also need to have high skills. Here are some chess tips from the experts that we’ve brought to you.

Participate in multi-game challenges

The first thing to become a master is that you need to play a lot of games until you become proficient. The main purpose is to train psychology and thinking, because some people who play continuously lose will easily feel depressed and lose confidence. Therefore, if you try to practice regularly and learn from professional players, you will definitely quickly win attractive rewards.

Win fast, win fast

When participating in a challenge for the first time, you should not think too much when making your first move. It’s best to spend about 3 seconds avoiding being surrounded by opponents. Absolutely do not get distracted by unnecessary pieces. This is the reason why many people lose while playing Go with others.
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Fight with strong people

One How to play Go Always winning means boldly participating with those who are stronger than you. This will help you learn from experience and come up with effective tactical thinking. However, you should only choose someone who is a little stronger. If you are too strong or professional, you may not learn anything and on the contrary, you will lose very quickly.

Hope that information Bookmaker Hi88 summary of the subject and How to play Go will help you gain a lot of useful knowledge. If you have any better playing tips, please share them with everyone in the comments below.

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