How to play Sam Loc  – Revealing Tips for Playing Sam Loc Unbeaten

How to play Sam Loc Quite simple, it’s quite similar to the game Tien Len. Not only is it unique, but the game also has an extremely generous and attractive payout method. If you pay attention and understand the basic playing style and a few strategies, you can easily win. Our article will reveal some of the most effective tips for playing Sam at New88 today.

Instructions cBasic card game Sam Loc

According to the law,The next player will take turns playing cards to block the previous player with a larger piece/set. Accordingly, repentance blocks repentance, double block double and lobby block the lobby. Any four of a kind can only block one 2.

If no one on the table can block a piece/set, you have the right to take the next turn. However, there is one difference with the game Tien Len Mien Nam: you can choose any card. In How to play Sam Loc , if you come first with a 2, it is counted as “Rotten 2”.

If the player only has 1 card left in his hand, he must announce it to the whole table. The person who goes before the person who just announced will have to prevent them from returning by any means, and can judge and attack the largest army.

If the person who “Reported” comes first but the person who went before still has a larger piece/set in their hand, they must compensate. The payout is equal to the sum of all remaining players’ cards + 2 + Four of a kind.

Revealing tipsPlay Sam Loc best

Sam cyclone requires participants to be alert, decisive and think carefully because the game has a very high lethality. If you want to become an undefeated player, remember the tips for playing Sam Loc shared by experts as follows:

KWither skillfully play the sets and strings first in case of bad cards

In How to play Sam Loc , many people often ask the question: What to do when the cards are bad?Bad cards will include many odd cards. If you are holding the right to go first, you should play the string or small pair first and then the junk card. This is a very effective way to run trash and can reverse the situation.

At the same time, it helps you avoid losing a lot of money if you lose. If you play the junk pieces first, it’s easy to get caught and lose your turn. The probability of coming first at this time is very low and it is very difficult to run junk cards, leading to more cards remaining and spending more money when losing.

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Avoid rotting 2 (Pork rot)

Piece 2 is called the inside pig How to play Sam Loc has the highest value in the deck. There is no distinction between red and black substances, they cannot punish each other and have equal value. If you are not skillful, it is easy to get spoiled and lose more money.

If you have a prize, you must cut the pig immediately if the opponent attacks individually with the intention of leapfrogging. Please note this point, to prevent pig rot near the end. However, you should not play 2 too early, you must choose the right opportunity. A game with many participants often makes pigging difficult at the end of the game.

 How to play Sam Loc  block large armies

Case your hand With few small pieces and many sets, the player must be very careful because the opponent can rely on themarmy small enough to jump. Use higher cards to block so your opponent doesn’t have a chance to play small cards.

 How to play Sam Loc  This will cause the opponent to get stuck with many small junk cards, making it more difficult to return. That’s your chance to catch a lot of cards and win quickly. However, this method only applies when you have big cards. In case you own low cards, you must skillfully play to avoid losing too much.

Apply big to big strategy

One How to play Sam Loc that experts often apply is to attack from large to small pieces. Because as you get closer to the end, the opponent only has 1 to 3 cards left, then you have the right to play. In case there is no string, you must play like that, even if your opponent has small cards. If you play a small piece first, the chance of being captured and coming last is very high.

How to fightThis is highly rated because of its effectiveness. Not only does it help run trash to come first, but it also avoids losing more bets.

Clever cstring

How to play Sam Loc  Wire runs very effectively but requires ingenuity from the player. When you have a nice hand, you should set the strings, distract and then look for opportunities to hit the strings. To put it more simply, it is like a cover attack, it will surprise the opponent and not have time to ‘return’.

This trick helps you capture more pieces from other players or make them rot 2 (pig rot) and win the right to come first. However, this method requires practice to be able to perform smoothly and effectively. You must be clever to deceive your opponent and not let yourself be caught.


The content of the article on New88 has provided information about How to play Sam Loc  The most basic. Besides, there are extremely effective tricks for playing Sam shared by veteran players. Hope everyone applies it successfully and brings big wins.

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