Knife Cockfighting – Tips for New Players Who Just Joined Bookmaker Hi88

Cockfighting is a sport that is very popular with bettors at the house game hall Hi88. If you are a new player, understanding the competition rules and betting types is important to contribute to victory in this game. Let’s learn about the cockfighting lobby and good tips to win at our bookmaker.

What is knife spur cockfighting?

Cockfighting is a game that is both entertaining and also a way for cockfighters to make money effectively. We often organize the Hi88 cockfighting lobby online, where bettors will bet on the cocks they think will win the match.

In the form of cockfighting betting, players will freely choose a chicken to bet on. After that, the fighting cocks will be brought onto the ring and run around for the participants to see before the official match takes place. Both roosters will fight until one of them is defeated or cannot continue to compete anymore.

Rules for participating in cockfighting

To participate in the cockfight, cockfighters will receive a ticket with the number of the cock they bet on written on it. During the competition, the cock will use the knife spurs to participate in attack or defense. If the cock you bet on wins, you will receive a bonus from the Hi88 cockfighting hall.

Besides, cockfighting also has a number of other regulations that new players need to understand such as:

  • If the chicken you choose wins, it means you will receive a refund of your bet and an additional bonus depending on the rate set by the house.
  • In case both chickens are defeated at the same time or cannot continue to fight, the cockers will have their original bet refunded.
  • If the cock is defeated by your opponent or cannot continue fighting due to injury, you will also be considered a loser and lose the entire amount of money you initially bet.

What skills do you need to participate in cockfighting?

Cockfighting is a game that requires you to equip the necessary skills to optimize your chances of winning. Below are the skills you need when playing Hi88 cockfighting.


Observation ability is essential in cockfighting. Therefore, players need to focus on observing and making judgments about the fighting cocks. Then decide which door to bet on to have the highest chance of winning the reward.

Assess situation

In order to evaluate which cock is most likely to win most accurately, bettors need to clearly understand the factors that affect the final result such as the health, weight and competition history of the fighting cock. .

Betting skills

An essential factor to win in the cockfighting arena is betting skills. The cockfighter will have to know how to calculate the odds and choose the appropriate bet to be able to make the most money.

Tips to win in Hi88 cockfighting

To be able to win in the cockfighting game, bettors need to accumulate their own tips. Below are some good tips to help cockers win in the fighting arena Đá Gà Hi88 We synthesize from these list Experienced monk:

  • Before deciding to bet, you need to learn carefully about the chickens to be able to choose the right fighting chicken that has the strength and the highest chance of winning the match.
  • Placing bets according to a balanced ratio will help you minimize risks. Besides, it is also possible to earn more bonuses. In case you put all your money to bet on a cock, the player can lose a lot if that cock is defeated by the opponent.
  • Monitoring the match situation is extremely necessary to be able to evaluate the fighting ability of the chicken you have bet on. If you see that the chicken is weak in the match, you can place your bet on another fighting chicken to increase your odds of winning.

The types of chickens commonly used in cockfighting are knife fighting

The most popular types of chickens used specifically in cockfighting at Hi88 include the following names:

  • Bamboo chicken: this is the type of chicken most used in knife fighting competitions. They have the ability to fight well in short-term fights.
  • Breed chicken: this breed is most commonly used in Vietnam and some Southeast Asian countries. With a large body and a maximum weight of up to 4-5kg, they are considered to have quite durable fighting ability.
  • Peruvian Fighting Chicken: This chicken breed originates from Peru – South America. Relatively compact body, only 2-3kg. They are very intelligent, quick-witted and have skilled fighting skills.


Hopefully our article will help cockers better understand the subject Knife cockfighting. From there, draw more good tips to win at Hi88. Register today to experience exciting and dramatic betting matches from our bookmaker.

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