Moving insurance in Zurich: What is important?

Moving to a new city like Zurich is an exciting but also challenging experience. To ensure your move goes smoothly, it’s important to find out about moving insurance. Here are some important aspects to consider when choosing moving insurance in Zurich.

  1. Transport protection: Make sure the moving insurance offers comprehensive transport protection. This protects your furniture and personal belongings from damage during the move. Check the conditions carefully to ensure that all transport risks are covered.
  2. Liability and coverage amounts: Clarify the liability and coverage amounts of the moving insurance. It is important to know how much protection the insurance offers in the event of loss or damage. Make sure the coverage amounts meet your needs.
  3. Insurance options: Find out about the different insurance options. Some policies only cover certain risks, while others provide more comprehensive coverage. Choose a policy that suits the scope of your move and takes all relevant risks into account.
  4. Claims processing: Check how easy and efficient the claims processing is. In the event of loss or damage, you want to ensure that the insurer processes the claim quickly and transparently.
  5. Contract term and termination conditions: Pay attention to the contract term and termination conditions of the moving insurance. Flexibility is important, especially if circumstances change or the moving date is postponed.
  6. Compulsory insurance: Check whether moving insurance is mandatory in Zurich. In some cases, there may be legal requirements that you must follow in order to be legally protected.
  7. Insurance premiums: Compare insurance premiums from different providers. Pay attention not only to the price, but also to the services offered. Sometimes it makes sense to invest a little more to get better coverage.
  8. Reviews and Experiences: Read other people’s reviews and experiences with moving insurance. This gives you insights into the insurer’s reliability and customer service.
  9. Protection for special items: If you are transporting valuable or sensitive items, find out whether they need special protection and whether moving insurance covers this.
  10. Understand the contract conditions: Take the time to read the contract conditions carefully and, if anything is unclear, ask the insurer for clarification. Understand which circumstances are covered and which are not.

Before you decide on moving insurance in Zurich, it is advisable to compare several offers and choose the policy that best suits your needs. This careful approach gives you peace of mind that your move to Zurich is well protected.

FAQ section

  1. Question: Do I really need moving insurance in Zurich?

Answer: Yes, moving insurance is important to protect your furniture and personal belongings from unforeseen damage or loss during the move. It offers you financial protection against possible risks.

  1. Question: What risks does moving insurance cover?

Answer: Moving insurance typically covers damage or loss caused by transportation accidents, theft, fire, and other unforeseen events. Make sure you check the terms and conditions of the policy carefully to know what risks are covered.

  1. Question: How do I find the best moving insurance for my needs?

Answer: Compare different offers from insurance companies and pay attention not only to the price, but also to the services offered. Check whether the insurance covers your specific needs, such as transporting valuable items.

  1. Question: Does the moving company affect my moving insurance?

Answer: Yes, the choice of moving company can affect the moving insurance. Make sure that the moving company Zurich is reliable and works with your chosen insurance company. Trustworthy moving companies often have experience in handling insurance matters.

  1. Question: How does my moving date affect moving insurance?

Answer: The moving date may affect the availability and prices of moving insurance. Plan early and clarify with the insurer whether changes to the schedule will affect the policy.

  1. Question: Are there any special requirements for moving delicate items?

Answer: Yes, inform the insurer about sensitive or valuable items. Some moving insurance policies may require additional protections for such items.

  1. Question: Can I cancel moving insurance if my plans change?

Answer: Check the termination conditions in your contract. Some insurance policies allow flexible cancellation, while others provide for specific deadlines. Clarify such details in advance.

  1. Question: How quickly is a claim processed?

Answer: The speed of claims processing can vary. Read reviews from other customers to gain insights into the insurer’s efficiency and reliability when it comes to claims.

  1. Question: Can I still use my moving insurance after moving to Zurich?

Answer: The use of moving insurance depends on the terms of the contract. Some insurance policies may still be valid for a certain period of time after the move. Clarify this with your insurer in advance.

  1. Question: What happens if something goes wrong during the move but the moving company in Zurich is not involved?

Answer: In such cases, moving insurance applies as long as the damage or loss falls within the covered risks. Check with your insurer to ensure you are fully protected.

  1. Question: Are personal items automatically insured during the move?

Answer: Not necessarily. It is important to purchase specialized moving insurance to ensure that personal items are covered during the move. Regular household contents insurance often does not cover all risks associated with moving.

  1. Question: How does the distance of my move affect the insurance?

Answer: The distance of your move can affect the cost of moving insurance. Longer distances often mean higher risks. Make sure the policy covers all relevant risks for your specific moving distance.

  1. Question: Are there any special requirements for international moves to Zurich?

Answer: Yes, international moves can involve additional requirements and risks. Research specific insurance policies tailored to international moves to ensure you are fully protected.

  1. Question: Do I need to create an accurate inventory report for moving insurance?

Answer: Yes, it is advisable to prepare a detailed inventory report. This not only makes the moving process easier, but also serves as an important reference for insurance in the event of loss or damage.

  1. Question: Does moving insurance also cover damage to buildings or rental properties?

Answer: Typically, moving insurance only covers damage or loss to personal property. Damage to buildings or rental properties must be covered by separate insurance, such as the landlord’s liability insurance.

  1. Question: Can I adjust the moving insurance after the contract has been signed?

Answer: Some insurers allow adjustments, while others offer fixed coverage. Clarify in advance whether and how you can adapt the moving insurance to changing circumstances.

  1. Question: How does my deductible affect moving insurance?

Answer: A higher deductible can result in lower premiums, but it also increases your financial share in the event of a claim. Consider your financial situation and choose your deductible accordingly.

  1. Question: Are damages caused by natural disasters included in moving insurance?

Answer: Not all moving insurance policies cover damage caused by natural disasters. Clarify whether your insurer covers such risks or whether additional policies are required.

  1. Question: Is there an age limit for covered items?

Answer: Some moving insurance policies impose age restrictions on covered items. Check the conditions carefully, especially when it comes to valuable antiques or collectibles.

  1. Question: How can I cancel the moving insurance in Zurich if I no longer need it?

Answer: Find out about the termination conditions in your contract. Some insurance policies allow easy cancellation, while others provide for specific deadlines. Please note these to avoid unnecessary costs.

Comprehensive knowledge of moving insurance and clear information on frequently asked questions will help you move to Zurich with the necessary protection and security.


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