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If you are looking for a stable job, register for OKVIP ING recruitment now. Along with hundreds of different job postings comes a relatively high salary for you. If you are interested, please update the union’s immediate job recruitment information in the following article.

Some latest vacancies at OKVIP

With the need to expand the market and develop a strong company, OKVIP is in need of recruiting many positions. If you are unemployed or want to change to a new job, this is a great opportunity. Let’s quickly update some OKVIP recruiting positions to earn a desirable source of income.

Learn about OKVIP recruitment

Online Sales location

With this position, the company creates conditions for candidates to work from home and does not discriminate between men, women, and LGBT.

Conditions: No experience required but you must have good communication skills and the ability to persuade customers.

Age: Between 20-34 years old.

Salary: If you do well, the salary will be 30 million/month and there will be KPI bonus.

SEO vacancy

Currently, OKVIP recruitment is in need of recruiting online SEO and offline SEO because this is an important job for the company.

Conditions: Candidates have at least 6 months of experience.

Age: Men and women under 40 years old.

Salary: For online 15 million/month. For offline 50 million/month.

SEO position for the alliance

IT position for the alliance

OKVIP recruitment will have requirements for this position such as ensuring that candidates have graduated from high school majoring in computer and programming or higher.

Conditions: Must have experience programming and developing websites for the company.

Age: Men and women from 20-33 years old.

Salary: If you do well, it will range from 25 million/month or 30 million/month.

OKVIP recruits Designer staff

This is a job that requires candidates to have a high level of knowledge and teamwork skills, and to always be flexible and creative in ideas. With this position, you can flexibly do your work at home or go to the company to exchange work with colleagues.
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Conditions: Have graduated from intermediate school majoring in graphic design or know how to use Photoshop. If you have 6 months of experience, when interviewing, remember to bring along products you have designed at previous companies.

Age: From 20-34 years old.

Salary: Online design staff is 15 million/month. If you work officially at the union, it will be 30 million/month.

What benefits do applicants enjoy at the union?

OKVIP is currently a strong company specializing in providing attractive entertainment products. In addition, OKVIP recruitment also regularly creates jobs for everyone. So when you are an official employee of the alliance, you will receive many benefits as follows:

  • When you achieve excellent results and exceed the set targets, you will receive attractive bonuses with high cash value.
  • Same position but compared to other companies, your salary will be 20% higher.
  • When candidates become employees, they will receive insurance benefits such as: health insurance, unemployment insurance, accident insurance,…
  • There will be 4 days off in a month, but not necessarily Saturday or Sunday. Employees are flexible in arranging their days off according to the division of their superiors.

Some benefits when becoming an employee main awake

  • Regularly receive advanced training from the company to improve knowledge and develop creativity at work.
  • Employees will receive support for travel expenses, food allowances, and accommodation support when working away from home.

Instructions for submitting job applications at OKVIP

When reading through the above detailed information, there will surely be many people who want to register for OKVIP recruitment. So how can you apply for a job in the most accurate way? Please refer to the following information immediately:

Get the application form through the OKVIP recruitment post

Once you know the announcement from the recruitment company, surely the first thing you think of is to search Google for “OKVIP Recruitment”. Job application forms will appear here. If interested, individuals can choose the appropriate job and fill in the information for each available category. Then send it to the job recruitment software system, and finally wait patiently for a response from the company.

How to register for OKVIP recruitment profile

Contact directly with the recruitment announcement content on the website

Nowadays, with modern internet technology, information exchange methods have become more convenient. Candidates can contact via Facebook, Zalo, Telegram,… when they feel they are truly ready and can do well with the job positions that the company has posted. Finally, wait for approval from superiors and schedule an interview.


With useful information as mentioned above, hopefully OKVIP recruitment will help some candidates have the opportunity to work with the company. Working in a healthy environment where we grow together and constantly innovate. Along with that is the attractive salary and extremely good remuneration policy at the union.

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