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Outdoor LED Display Boards from the LEDMAN NS Series: Energy-Efficient Light for Extremely Bright Conditions

Outdoor LED display boards play a crucial role in delivering effective visual communication in various outdoor settings. LEDMAN, a reputable brand, offers the NS Series outdoor LED display board known for its energy-saving features and high brightness performance. Discover how LEDMAN NS Series combines energy-saving brilliance with high brightness capabilities to elevate your outdoor visual communication.

High Brightness for Optimal Display Effect

LEDMAN NS Series outdoor LED display boards impress with their remarkable high brightness capabilities. With the ability to achieve up to 10,000 nits of brightness, these display boards ensure an optimal display effect even in strong sunlight or other high brightness environments. This feature is essential in capturing attention and delivering clear and vibrant visual messages that leave a lasting impact.

Energy-saving Design for Cost Efficiency

LEDMAN NS Series outdoor LED display boards are designed with energy efficiency in mind. They are specifically engineered to deliver energy savings of up to 25% compared to other display boards while maintaining the same brightness level. This energy-saving design brings several benefits, including reduced operational costs and a smaller environmental footprint. With LEDMAN NS Series, you can achieve impactful visual communication without compromising on cost efficiency.


LEDMAN NS Series outdoor LED display boards combine high brightness capabilities with energy-saving design, offering optimal display effect in any environment. With up to 10,000 nits of brightness, these boards deliver clear and vibrant visual messages. The energy-saving features result in cost efficiency and reduced environmental impact. Elevate your outdoor visual communication with LEDMAN NS Series. Choose LEDMAN NS Series for your outdoor advertising, public displays, and other applications where visibility and energy efficiency are paramount. Experience the brilliance of LEDMAN NS Series and elevate your outdoor visual communication to new heights.

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