Revealing the Ease of Playing Online Casino on Your Phone

Recently, Bookmaker Hi88 is being loved by many people and choosing to join. The house not only brings you extremely diverse products in terms of playing forms and interfaces, but the game also continuously updates new products that match the trends of the current era. If you want to learn more about the information in this house, please come along Hi88 In the following article, instructions on how to play online casino on your phone.

Detailed instructions on how to play online casino on your phone

First, we need to choose a reputable bookmaker to join and follow the instructions as follows:

  • Step 1: You will prepare a phone with a stable internet connection
  • Step 2: We will access the Safari section and click on the keyword Hi88 to search
  • Step 3: You choose and quickly download
  • Step 4: Agree to let the application you just downloaded and install normally on your phone like other apps.

So with just 4 steps as above, you can easily download the game to your phone and freely experience it.

Play online casino on your phone with a variety of attractive games

After being instructed on how to play online casino on the phone, we will continue to the detailed playing instructions for some Casino games available at Hi88.

How to play Baccarat 

In Hi88, the most prominent game is still the Baccarat game, because this game has extremely easy rules and a high chance of winning, so people love it very much. Next we will guide you to play this game.

Each Baccarat game will have 1 of 3 results for your reference as follows: Player wins, Banker wins and tie. You just need to find a door you trust and place bets. The game will take care of the rest.

The score of each card will be calculated from 1 to 10, we will not distinguish between cards. Ace (or also known as Ace) will only be called 1 point. Cards like 10, J, Q, K all count as 10 points. The remaining cards from 2 to 9 all have points equivalent to the numbers on the face of the card.

How to play phom

As we have learned about Phom card game, it uses a 52-card Tu Lo Kho deck, the table has a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 4 people. The first player to play will be dealt 10 cards, the remaining players will be dealt 9 cards. The first brother will play 1 card. The next brother will take that card if it matches with the cards that can form Phom. If you don’t win, you will have to pick up 1 card. After playing/drawing cards, you will have to play 1 card. Just keep going until there’s a brother Buzzing, or after 4 turns the game will end.

Phom is a combination of cards from 3 to 4 cards of different suits or 3 to 10 cards of the same suit.

When playing the last turn, you must play all the Phom you have, then send the cards that can be sent to the Phom of the brothers who have already played their cards before playing the last card. We will keep the remaining cards to calculate points at the end of the game.
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Play online casino on your phone with Southern Tien Len

Playing online casino on your phone is extremely easy and with Tien Len Nam online we will also apply the old folk rules of playing with 52 Western cards. In a table with at most 4 people, each player will be dealt a total of 13 cards, the cards will be arranged according to the rules from low to high: Hearts – Diamonds – Diamonds – Spades.

We see that starting from the first player, he will play the smallest card. Next, the players will continue to capture the previous turn’s cards with larger cards. Whoever plays all the cards first in their hand will be the winner.

How to play the card game Mau Binh

Just like on other game platforms, we will show you how to play Mau Binh casino. A game will have at least 2 players and at most 4 players, each person will have 13 cards in hand. The player’s mission is within a given time period. Players will arrange the cards into 3 hands so that the front hand is stronger than the back hand.

When the specified time expires, the system will automatically turn over the cards and compare each hand with each other. The brother who owns the strongest hand will win and receive all the bets. The losers will have to forfeit all bets to the winner. This is considered a card game with a high chance of winning, so many gamers choose to participate at bookies.


With the recent article, you have been given brief instructions on how to download the game and instructions on how to play online casino on your phone at bookmaker Hi88. We hope that you will have wonderful moments of experience here with the richest variety of games.

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