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Revolutionizing Power Conversion: ActionPower’s Software-Defined Approach

The need for creative and flexible solutions is more than ever in the quickly changing power supply manufacturing industry. With its revolutionary software-defined power conversion and control technology, ActionPower has blazed a new path for the industry as it struggles with constantly shifting power requirements and the demand for greater efficiency.

The Rise of Adjustable AC/DC Power Supply

At the heart of ActionPower’s transformative approach is the company’s focus on the development of advanced adjustable AC/DC power supply systems. By leveraging cutting-edge software-defined power conversion and control, ActionPower has ushered in a new era of power supply manufacturing, empowering its clients to adapt to the ever-evolving demands of their respective industries.

Unlocking the Power of Software-Defined Control

ActionPower‘s innovative solutions are underpinned by a deep commitment to research and development, with R&D investment accounting for approximately 10% of the company’s revenue. This unwavering dedication to innovation has resulted in the company’s extensive patent portfolio, which includes 249+ patents, including 77 Utility Model Patents, 44 Invention Patents, 28 Design Patents, and 72 Software Copyrights.

The Adaptable Advantage: Adjustable AC/DC Power Supply

The hallmark of ActionPower’s offerings is the ability to seamlessly adapt to the changing landscape of power supply requirements. By harnessing the power of software-defined control, the company’s adjustable AC/DC power supply systems can be easily reconfigured to accommodate a wide range of voltages, currents, and power output needs, ensuring that manufacturers and end-users can keep pace with the ever-evolving demands of their respective industries.

Empowering the Future of Power Conversion

ActionPower’s commitment to innovation extends beyond just product development. With R&D personnel accounting for approximately 40% of the company’s total headcount, the organization has cultivated a culture of continuous improvement, driving the development of cutting-edge technologies that are poised to shape the future of power supply manufacturing.

Unleashing the Potential of Adjustable AC/DC Power Supply

As the world continues to embrace the transition towards more efficient and versatile power solutions, ActionPower’s software-defined power conversion and control technology stands as a beacon of progress. By empowering its clients with the ability to adapt and optimize their power supply systems, the company is helping to unlock new frontiers in energy management, driving the advancement of industries from electronics to renewable energy.


In a landscape where change is the only constant, ActionPower’s software-defined power conversion and control technology has emerged as a game-changer in the world of power supply manufacturing. By providing its clients with the tools and solutions they need to navigate the ever-evolving demands of their respective industries, the company is positioning itself as a driving force in the quest for more efficient, adaptable, and sustainable power systems.

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