Scratch Cards of 3 Identical Cards – Play Fast to Win Big Money

Scratch cards of 3 identical cards which is a very familiar game to many players. This game has a relatively easy to understand gameplay, and also brings the ability to make money easily for players. This article will help you know how to bet on the three-card scratch card. At the same time, it provides many good tips about this attractive prize exchange card game, follow along now!

What is a scratch card with 3 identical cards?

OKVIP The name of the game says something about this card game. 3-card scratch card is a form of prize exchange in which each player will be dealt only 3 cards. The scores of those three cards will then be calculated and the winner or loser will be determined. Normally, a scratch card game will take place very quickly. Scoring is also quite easy, so it can be said that this is one of the card games that helps make money the fastest and easiest.

The rules for playing 3-card scratch cards are the same

With 3-card scratch card, the rules of the game will be prescribed as follows, players need to clearly understand:

Number of players

In a card game of 3 identical cards, there are at least 2 people and at most 6 people participating. You can invite more friends, relatives, and colleagues to join in the scratch card entertainment and receive big rewards from the house.

How to calculate points for scratch cards of 3 identical cards

When playing, scoring is very simple, you just need to add up the points of those 3 cards. Note that we only consider the units, with the lowest score being 1 and the highest being 10 scratch card points. For example, if the 3 cards you are dealt include 2 spades, 5 clubs and 9 hearts, your score will be 2 + 5 + 9 = 16. Only take up to the units place, so this is a 3-card game, guys. there are 6 points. The convention is as follows:

  • Card A: 1 point.
  • Cards 2 to 9: points are calculated by the number written on that card.
  • Head card, card 10: removed from the deck, not used when playing scratch cards.

If the total points of the players in the same game are equal, you will need to consider the suit of those 3 cards. The strength of the substance in Scratch cards of 3 identical cards is calculated as: Hearts > Diamonds > Clubs > Spades, so whoever owns more cards with greater strength is considered the winner.

How to play scratch cards with 3 identical cards is easy to understand

To play a 3-card scratch card game, we do the following:

Bet on the game

As soon as the game starts, you need to bet a certain amount of money. This amount is the minimum level at the house or higher, usually a bet equal to the amount of coins exchanged from the account.
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Take the chapter and deal the cards

In the first game, the dealer will usually be the one holding the chapter. From the following games onwards, in the previous game, if anyone’s hand reaches 10 points, that person retains the right to hold the medal. Normally, the person holding the chapter will be the dealer in the game Scratch cards of 3 identical cards Later.

Calculate points and determine winners and losers

The way to calculate points is clearly stated in the rules of the game, you just need to add up the numbers written on the 3 cards you have just been dealt. If the scores are equal, compare the qualities of those 3 scratch cards. To determine the winner or loser in the game Scratch cards of 3 identical cards, The winner will have the highest score. At this point, who wins? bet will receive all the money initially placed by players of the same game.

Strategy for playing 3 cards to win big

For each game, players need to carefully learn the rules and how to play.But Playing strategy is also an important factor, you should note the following:

Bet with small capital

In scratch cards, players need to bet a minimum amount according to the house’s regulations. When you first join and have not yet gained much experience, you should choose the lowest bet level. This way you can bet while still preserving your capital. Keep doing this until you really feel like you have a lot of experience and then bet a large amount of money.

Keep the article private

This is an extremely important strategy. Before it’s your turn to count the points, keep your cards hidden. If you reveal your cards, others can guess how you play. From there, it will affect the psychology and the whole table afterward, making it almost difficult to win the match.

Maintain capital

This is also a very important thing, you should not be subjective because playing capital is considered a passport in this betting game. When you run out of capital, you will no longer be able to bet and continue playing scratch cards.

It can be seen that how to play Card game scratch 3 identical trees relatively simple and quick. Please learn and practice a lot to remember how to play as well as what to pay attention to in order to win lots of prizes from scratch cards. Don’t forget to invite friends and relatives to join to win multiple bonuses from the house with this attractive game. Wishing you all good luck in the scratch card game as well as in life!

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