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Step-by-Step Guide to Entering Activation Code Manually

RedteaGO eSIM empowers users to activate their e SIM plans manually by entering the activation code on various device types. With a user-friendly approach, RedteaGO eSIM ensures a seamless experience for users who prefer to manually input their activation details for their e SIM plans.

Manual Entry for iPhone

iPhone users can manually enter their activation details by navigating to Settings > Cellular > Add eSIM > Enter Details Manually. Once in the settings, users can input the “SM-DP+ Address” and “Activation Code” provided by RedteaGO eSIM, then proceed by tapping “Next” to complete the activation process efficiently.

Manual Entry for Samsung and Pixel

Samsung and Pixel users can also manually enter their activation code to set up their RedteaGO eSIM plans. For Samsung devices, users should access Settings > Network & Internet > SIM card manager > Add mobile plan > Scan carrier QR code or Enter activation code to input the long “Activation Code” provided. Likewise, Pixel users can follow a similar process by going to Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile Network or “+” > Add more > Download a SIM instead? > Need help > Enter it manually, and entering the long “Activation Code.”


Manually entering the activation code for RedteaGO eSIM plans is a straightforward process that ensures users can activate their e SIM plans efficiently across various device models. By following the step-by-step instructions tailored to iPhone, Samsung, and Pixel devices, users can seamlessly input their activation details and complete the setup of their e SIM plans with ease. Choose RedteaGO eSIM for a user-friendly activation process that allows you to manually enter your activation code and enjoy reliable connectivity on your devices hassle-free.

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