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Streamline Quality Control with SZJ Automation’s Advanced Appearance Inspection Machine

In the realm of battery production, maintaining impeccable quality while meeting high production demands can be a challenge. SZJ Automation, a leading provider of automation solutions, offers its state-of-the-art Appearance Inspection Machine. This cutting-edge equipment is designed to enhance quality control in an automated production line. With an impressive equipment capacity of ≥200PPM, a remarkable equipment yield of ≥99.8%, and a low equipment failure rate of ≤2%, manufacturers can trust SZJ Automation’s machine to ensure precise and efficient inspection of battery components.

High Capacity for Rapid Production

SZJ Automation’s Appearance Inspection Machine is engineered to handle high-volume production with ease, featuring an impressive capacity of ≥200PPM (parts per minute). This high throughput capability enables manufacturers to meet the demanding requirements of the battery industry, ensuring a continuous flow of batteries for inspection. With such high capacity, manufacturers can significantly increase productivity and efficiency while maintaining stringent quality standards.

Exceptional Yield and Reliability

With an equipment yield of ≥99.8%, the Appearance Inspection Machine from SZJ Automation guarantees that over 99.8% of batteries passing through the inspection process meet the predefined quality criteria. This exceptional yield minimizes waste and optimizes production output. Additionally, the machine operates with a low equipment failure rate of ≤2%, providing manufacturers with confidence in its reliability and consistent performance. By relying on this equipment, manufacturers can achieve consistent quality control and minimize production disruptions.

Precision in CD Detection

The Appearance Inspection Machine by SZJ Automation delivers outstanding precision in CD (Circular Diameter) detection, with an accuracy level of ≤±0.1mm. This exceptional accuracy ensures that even the slightest variations in circular dimensions of battery components are detected, enabling the identification of potential defects. Manufacturers can rely on this precise CD detection to maintain uniformity and adherence to quality standards, resulting in batteries that exhibit optimal performance and reliability.


SZJ Automation’s Appearance Inspection Machine is a game-changer for quality control in battery production. With its high capacity of ≥200PPM, remarkable equipment yield of ≥99.8%, and low equipment failure rate of ≤2%, manufacturers can achieve efficient and reliable inspection processes. The machine’s precision in CD detection, with an accuracy level of ≤±0.1mm, ensures the identification of even the tiniest defects, contributing to the production of high-quality batteries. Embrace the power of SZJ Automation’s advanced solution and revolutionize your automated production line with streamlined quality control. Trust in the capacity, yield, reliability, and precision of SZJ Automation’s equipment to optimize your production processes, minimize waste, and deliver batteries that meet the highest industry standards.

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