The 9 Best Kingston Family Activities in 2023

There are many things to do in Kingston with your family and kids. The place offers so much fun that you will have one of the finest holiday experiences here. Here, you can explore through the art galleries, visit the pumpkin patches at the Fruition berry farm, and participate in the winter snowshoe trails. Also, be sure to book the Spirit Flights before your holiday. Many people have come up with queries and concerns: Does Spirit Airlines Have wifi? So, we will throw some light on your raised questions below.

Here, you can find the list of family-friendly activities to do in Kingston for 2023.

Best Kingston Family Activities:

  1. Watch the Indigenous Pictograph Paintings

  • The Bon Echo Provincial Park offers some of the best activities in Kingston. The park is situated in the southeast direction of Ontario.
  • Families mostly visit this park to watch 260+ Indigenous pictograph paintings available over the Maziam Rock.
  • Also, if you are an adventure lover, then hiking, swimming, and camping are some other activities offered through this destination.
  1. See Military Reenactments in Forth Henry National Historic Site

  • Forth Henry is a renowned historical military fort of Kingston. This fort is situated on the hilltop of Henry Point near the Cataraqui River.
  • Here, you can watch the historical reenactments offered by Fort Henry Guards, and you can also take a tour of the museum to learn about British military life.


  1. Snowshoeing or Hiking at Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation

  • This famous landscape is located north of Kingston.
  • Here, you can go hiking, bird watching, and wildlife spotting with your families.
  • Also, you can even try our ice skating and snowshoeing trails here during the winter months.
  1. Fill Your Fruit Basket from Fruition Berry Farm

  • Another exciting and engaging activity in Kingston is choosing fruits from the fresh Fruition Berry Farm.
  • Here, your kids will have a wonderful as you can pick your favorite seasonal berries from this garden.
  • Here, you can choose different fruits every season.
  1. Sightseeing on Kingston 1000 Island Cruise

  • How can you miss the Kingston 1000 Island Cruise tour? This Cruise offers beautiful, serene views from the water.
  • You can get a one-hour sightseeing tour with a full catered dinner on the cruise tour.
  • Also, make sure to confirm your reservations for the Cruises.
  1. Enjoy Indoor Play Time with Kids at Play trim

  • You can take your kids to the indoor play area at Playtrium.
  • The indoor play space is located in the Atrium Mall of Kingston.
  • Here, your kids can enjoy the colorful climbing structure and the slides.
  1. See Artwork at Agnes Etherington Art Center

  • It’s a historic art museum or gallery situated in Kingston.
  • The art center exhibits or showcases multiple artworks throughout the year.
  • Here, kids can also engage in summer Children’s activities and programs.
  1. Visit the Military Communications & Electronics Museum

  • The Military Communications and Electronics Museum provides the most family-friendly ambiance for you.
  • Here you can witness the military gadgets of 1903 till the modern days, know about communication technologies development and many more things.
  • You should visit this place for lovely family time.
  1. Explore the Seaside Town of Wolfe Island

  • It’s the most significant Island located in Kingston and can be reached easily by a free ferry.
  • Also, you can explore the small town of Wolf Island, where you will get historic buildings, local shops, restaurants, and more.
  • Have a wonderful time on this Island in the family-friendly atmosphere.

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