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Tianlong’s Npex 192: Revolutionizing High-Throughput Nucleic Acid Extraction

Tianlong‘s Npex 192 Automatic Nucleic Acid Extractor sets a new benchmark in the field of molecular diagnostics. Designed to accommodate the rigorous demands of high-throughput laboratories, the Npex 192 combines ultra-efficient processing capabilities with a compact, user-friendly design. This system not only enhances laboratory workflow but also ensures high-quality nucleic acid extraction, critical for a range of scientific applications.

High-Speed, High-Throughput Extraction

The Npex 192 excels in its ability to process a large volume of samples rapidly, capable of extracting nucleic acids from 192 samples in just 12 minutes. This feature is instrumental for laboratories that require quick turnaround times for large-scale testing. The system supports parallel sample processing, providing consistent, high-quality results that are essential for reliable downstream applications in genomic studies and diagnostic testing.

Compact Design Maximizing Laboratory Space

Space efficiency is a critical concern in many laboratory environments. The Npex 192 addresses this need with its compact design featuring an 8-unit deep-well plate layout and precise Z-axis mechanical motion. This efficient design minimizes the footprint of the device while maximizing its output, allowing labs to optimize their valuable workspace without sacrificing performance.

User-Friendly Operation with Advanced Monitoring

Ease of operation is another hallmark of the Npex 192. Equipped with a 7-inch full-color LCD screen, the system provides a user-friendly interface that simplifies experimental setups. Its built-in scanner automatically recognizes and initiates the appropriate extraction protocols, and visual monitoring of the extraction process allows users to track progress and make adjustments in real-time, enhancing both efficiency and reliability.


Tianlong’s Npex 192 Automated Nucleic Acid Extractor is transforming laboratory operations by combining speed, efficiency, and user-centric design into a single compact unit. With its advanced features and reliable performance, the Npex 192 is an invaluable asset for any high-throughput setting, driving improvements in both research and clinical diagnostics. As laboratories continue to seek faster, more efficient solutions, the Npex 192 remains a preferred choice for automated nucleic acid extraction.

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