Top 5 formulas for playing Sic Bo online that only professionals know

The online Over/Under formula is a great support to help players determine and calculate the most accurate results for the next game. From there, you can easily decide your destiny without having to leave it to fate. Bookmaker Link 123B will reveal the rules of playing undefeated over/under to help new players win easily.

Sic Bo playing formula – Great support

Objectively, Sic Bo is a game with a very high degree of chance. But that doesn’t mean you leave it to fate and play without calculation. Many veteran players who have a place in the online entertainment market have commented that being equipped with enough experience and knowledge is the best way to decide your destiny.

Instead of playing haphazardly and without a plan, why not play more seriously and find more standard over/under rules to increase your winning rate. To play requires you to place a certain amount of bets, so if you don’t play proactively, you will completely lose that capital and fall into empty pockets.

Being equipped with enough knowledge, rules of playing Sic Bo, experience and even the formula for playing Sic Bo online is the way to optimize your winnings, helping your bet money not to be wasted. Especially for bettors who want to make money from this game, they need to play with a plan and a clear strategy.

Top 5+ heirloom formulas for playing Sic Bo online

The formulas for playing Sic Bo are all products distilled from the actual playing process of experts or professional players. For new players who don’t have much experience playing, mastering these things is the way to get you closer to victory.

Formula 1: Bet on demand 1 – 1

If you are a new player, you should apply the Over/Under formula according to 1 – 1 bridge. This type of bridge is actually the result of the games taking place according to the rules of Over – Under – Over – Under,… Determine for sure. Making sure the 1-1 bridge formula is correct will help you know which result will have the highest winning rate in the next game.

However, according to the instructions for playing sicbo, experts also say that this type of 1-1 bridge usually does not appear for too long and the maximum is usually 5-6 games, with very rare cases of running longer. Therefore, players need to carefully calculate and consider how to play Sic Bo online to catch the right rhythm and avoid mistakes, leading to unnecessary losses.

Formula 2: Play according to the bridge

The formula for playing over/under online in the form of a bridge is also highly appreciated for its effectiveness. This type of bet is understood as a result that points to consecutive Overs or consecutive Unders. When the games progress according to this formula, you absolutely know whether to choose Over or Under in the next game to have many wins.

According to the over/under rules, the flat form can take place in about 5-7 consecutive games or it can be longer. Catching the right ball and being able to play strongly in the 5th game will definitely get maximum results. But in the next matches, if you play, you need to be “lighter” because then new developments may occur.

Formula 3: Play the bridge 2 – 1

Bridge 2 – 1 is also an unbeatable online dice formula chosen by many experts. This type of bridge will take place according to the results: Over – Over – Under or Under – Under – Over. This type of bridge will come together in 2-3 pairs and appear in many games. Just need to identify the correct bridge shape to be able to shoot quickly with extremely ideal results.

Experts advise players to bet from the 5th game because this is the “ripe” time to help bring about the easiest victory. From the 6th game onwards, you should play more carefully because the developments can be completely different from what you predict.

Formula 4: Apply spherical form 2 – 2

Bridge 2 – 2 is also a great method that you can apply. This type of bridge is read in detail: Over – Over – Under – Under or Under – Under – Over – Over. The results usually come in pairs and the run is usually 5 games or more.

When you bet on the money in the 5th game and the result is a win, you can continue to play in the 6th game. But in the 7th game, you need to calculate more carefully because otherwise it will be very risky. However, when playing in the 5th game but the result is not standard, you need to wait for the results of the next few games to re-evaluate the shape of the ball.
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Formula 5: Over/Under 1 – 2 – 3

Applying the over/under formula of 1 – 2 – 3 will also bring many wins. This type of bridge will be read specifically: Under – Over – Over – Under – Under – Under or vice versa. This formula will usually last from 2 to 4 consecutive pairs.

However, many people often mistake this form of demand for the 1 – 2 – 1 formula. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully assess which rule the results are following to decide to invest. If 1 – 2 – 3 is correct, then boldly play in the 5th game. But in the next game, you need to stop to recalculate as accurately as possible before playing.

Formula 6: Bridge 3 – 1 – 3

Bets can also follow the rule of 3 – 1 – 3. This over/under betting formula is often much more challenging for players than the previous forms of betting. Specifically, the games will return according to the formula: Under – Under – Under – Over – Under – Under – Under or vice versa.

If you determine the correct rules, you should boldly play in the 4th or 5th game. But in the 7th game, you need to recalculate from the beginning because this is a formula that rarely runs long. Therefore, if you keep trying to play, the risk rate is very high and can cause you to lose all the money you have previously won. This is a super smart way to play over/under.

How to apply the formula for playing Sic Bo effectively

Although we have shared detailed instructions on how to play Sic Bo online, in reality, not all players who apply it get the desired results. Therefore, to know how to play Sic Bo to easily win and help you apply the bridge correctly, you need to refer to some tips:

  • The standard method of playing over/under is to accurately compile the results of previous games to determine which formula they are following. If possible, take separate notes for the most accurate identification and avoid confusion between spherical forms.
  • Once you have determined the correct formula for playing over/under, quickly put in the money to avoid missing out on a good opportunity. Just miss one beat and the situation can completely change. This is the trick to winning over/under.
  • Know the rules of over/under and carefully calculate the actual situation to decide whether to bet on money in many games or not. Because sometimes, playing in the 5th game can win but that doesn’t mean the 6th game will be the same.

For any professional bettor, knowing the formulas for playing over/under online is also an advantage. Once you have mastered the game, you will be able to determine very quickly which way the games are going in order to make timely decisions. From there you will get a big win and the desired bonus. Don’t forget to visit 123B every day to update many Sic Bo playing strategies from experts.

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