Top 5 Viral Moments Of 2024 So Far

We’re two months into 2024 and the internet is already crazy. So much has happened in this short time. This crazy intro to the year makes Christmas and New Year seem an eternity away. We have to get used to this fast-moving pace of the internet. Everyone is creating content, from the big corporations to the regular Joe. Even the most famous Joe puts out content these days, as you will see in the paragraphs below. The internet is a crazy place and we captured the most viral memes of the year so far. Let’s take a look at them and enjoy them before they become stale and outdated.

Chicago Rat Hole

The best meme of the year so far, in my humble opinion, as the chief editor of Vidworthy and a chronically online person, is undoubtedly the Chicago Rat Hole. I love it when people transform memes into wholesome real-life events. In case you don’t know because you’ve been living under a rock or a slab of sidewalk concrete, the Chicago Rat Hole is an IRL meme from the streets of Chicago. A freshly poured slab of concrete for a sidewalk in Chicago was disturbed by a rat who left his body imprint in the form of a rat-shaped hole. People immediately assumed that the rat didn’t make it, and they turned his hole into a memorial. Some people started putting money in the hole. Some guy tossed in a bag of blue pills which we presume to be Viagra. And soon after, people started holding vigils next to the rat hole, bringing candles and flowers. They’ve even come up with a rendition of Amazing Grace called Amazing Rat Hole. It’s been a crazy first meme of 2024 and I’m glad I’ve lived it.

But here’s the twist. Some biologists came to tell us that the imprint of the rat on the sidewalk is no rat at all. But instead, that hole was left by a squirrel, who most likely plunged onto the sidewalk from a nearby tree, as they usually do, without knowing that the sidewalk was freshly poured.

The Stanley Cup Memes Are Crazy

Now, I don’t know if the Stanley Cup memes are organic or if they were orchestrated by Stanley, but it seem to take the girls by storm. Girls have their memes as you might know, and the Stanley Cup one is their favorite in 2024 so far. The craze with Stanley Cups started last year with a viral TikTok of a woman whose car burnt down but whose ice in her cup stayed intact. That’s a brilliant marketing moment, and the woman got a brand new car from the Stanley Cup company just for such incredible unintentional advertising. That unintentional ad made the sales of the Stanley Cup explode, and girls started posting them on their social media. From there to turning everything into a meme was a normal internet process.

Travis Kelse Yells At Referee

As we all know, the Super Bowl is a great source of memes each year. And this year’s best meme is the Travis Kelse one in which he yells at the referee. To be honest, I don’t find it that funny. But I can’t decide what goes viral. And I honestly think that part of what made this meme so viral is the fact that Travis is the boyfriend of no other than Taylor Swift. This brought so much attention to him that everything he does is a meme these days.

Tylor Swift’s Private Jet Scandal

As you probably know, Tylor Swift is the biggest private jet polluter in the world. Can you believe that? This girl alone produces more private jet emissions than anyone else. To be fair, she did have to travel everywhere for the Eras Tour. But she was also exposed for taking her private jet on a 13-minute flight, for a trip that would take 40 minutes in the car. Now, I don’t know what kind of boarding procedures celebrities must go through, and if their jets have priority takeoffs, but I imagine she must have spent more time at the airports for that 13-minute trip than she did up in the air.

Dark Brandon Meme

Let’s end this top with the most bizarre meme of the year so far. No, the image below is not a meme made by some edge lord. It’s what Joe Biden’s team decided to post on his X account. I don’t know what it is, but it sure looks like some Illuminati shit.

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