What is Bamboo Cockfighting? How to Choose a Good Bamboo Chicken?

Bamboo cockfighting is a popular form of fighting betting that is of interest to many people who love this traditional sport. With a small body but hidden high-quality hook kicks, matches involving the bantam breed are always dramatic. Let’s explore the information surrounding this special type of fighting chicken.
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What is bamboo cockfighting?

This is a traditional entertainment activity in Vietnam in which bantams are used to participate in live fighting matches. Bantam chickens often have a characteristic appearance with small size, colorful plumage and short stature. Unlike imported chicken breeds, bantam chickens are often easy to recognize from their appearance, which makes the fight more unique and interesting.

Bamboo cockfighting originated from the Southwestern region of Vietnam and has become an important part of folk culture. It is not only an entertaining activity but also a way to show love and respect for the unique breeds of bantam chickens.

The best bamboo cockfighting breeds on the market

For those looking for a chicken to raise, choosing the right chicken breed is the most important decision. Below is a list of types of bantams that are most appreciated by many experts for participating in fighting:

Tan Chau bamboo chicken

Tan Chau bamboo chicken is one of the famous and popular bamboo chicken breeds in Vietnam. This chicken breed originates from An Giang province and has a characteristic appearance with thick feathers, diverse colors and compact body. The uniqueness of Tan Chau bantam is its strong and technical attacking ability.

They often have high movement speed and are good at hitting opponents’ weak points such as the eyes and throat. This makes the Tan Chau bantam breed an ideal choice for lovers Bamboo cockfighting.

Serama bamboo chicken

Completely different in size from the above two chicken breeds, Serama bantams are the shortest bantams in the world. This breed of chicken originates from Malaysia and is famous for its adorable and cute appearance. Despite its small size, this breed has a strong fighting spirit. They are selected to participate in special bantam fights and make the games more attractive.

American bantam chicken

The American bantam is an imported breed of chicken originating from the United States. This breed of chicken usually has a slim body and relatively light weight but possesses strong fighting power and a good fighting personality. American bantams are famous for their aggressive attacks and quick reflexes. During matches Bamboo cockfighting large, it is often the first choice of cockers and participants.

How to choose a fighting breed of bantam chicken for training

When deciding to participate in searching for fighting cocks to participate in cockfighting matches, choosing bantam chickens with good fighting strength and superior physical fitness is very important. Let’s go into detail about how to choose good fighting bantams by evaluating their overall appearance

Shape characteristics

When choosing which breed to participate Bamboo cockfighting Shape characteristics are an important factor. First, you need to consider the weight of bantam chickens, which is usually about 600g, which is ideal for fighting strength and endurance. You should choose animals with thick, colorful fur that covers the whole body. This helps reduce damage when chickens are attacked at weak points.

Personality color

The personality color of the bantam also plays an important role in the selection. You should choose a bantam with a fighting personality, capable of attacking and quick reflexes. Their personality can be determined by the way they approach and react in school Bamboo cockfighting. Good fighting cocks will often have a confident attitude, not afraid of their opponents and always ready to confront.
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Physical factors

The physical strength of bantam chickens is also an important factor when choosing to raise them. They need to have a loud crowing sound that usually lasts for a long time and continuously crows 5 to 7 times. During their rest period, they often have the habit of stretching and flapping their wings frequently. In addition, physical strength is also shown through the appearance of bantam chickens. They need to have a firm body, strong legs and flexible movements.


Thus, we have introduced readers to basic information about this type Bamboo cockfightingloved by many people New88 It is synthetic. Besides, we introduce to you the fighting chicken breeds and how to choose chickens to raise to help achieve resounding victories.

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