What is Xoc Dia? Tips for playing coin toss to win big at okvip

At okvip, there are many attractive online betting games with cash rewards. But for the rookies who have just joined this playground, they probably still don’t understandWhat is disc jockey?? How to bet? Therefore, the content of the article below will share all information about this type.

What is the concept of disc jockey?

What is the concept of disc jockey? This is one of the types of betting with long-standing origins in Vietnamese folk culture. Besides, the game rules are also quite simple, nothing complicated, even if you are just joining for the first time, you can easily place bets.

Basically, this game uses 1 cup, 1 plate and 4 dice with a red and white design. When starting the betting table, all participating members will place an amount of money depending on their preferences with pre-determined bets such as even or odd.

Moreover, with the development of modern technology in the 4.0 era and is popular with many young people, this type of disc jockey is officially available at most bookmakers. One of them is okvip with high, fair and transparent payout rates at the top of the playing field casino Top reputation on the market today.

Rules for playing coin toss at okvip you need to pay attention to

In addition to understanding the concept of disc jockey, what is it? When participating, you need to pay attention to the basic rules of the game. Because regardless of any type of betting, there will be its own rules that must be followed to ensure no violations during the betting process. These include:

Basic game rules

Before participating in betting, find out what coin toss is? You need to understand the following basic game rules:

  • In a game there will be no limit on the number of participants and the betting level.
  • Normally, each game will have 15 seconds for the bettor to place a bet, so you need to pay attention to this factor.
  • Each table will have its own regulations on game rules, betting levels and payout rates, all of which are transparently announced. clear.
  • You will have a variety of options to bet on at the same time.
  • It is necessary to ensure that the correct betting amount cannot be lower than the regulations.
  • Avoid placing bets when the time jumps to 5 seconds. It will not be considered valid.
  • When you predict correctly, the bonus is immediately added to your game account.

Popular betting options at bookmaker okvip

In the process of learning what coin toss is and participating, you should not ignore the following factors in choosing bets:

  • Even number: This means you predict that the result after the announcement will be 4 white or red, 2 white and 2 red.
  • Odd door: For this door you need to make a prediction that the result will be 1 white 3 red, or 1 red 3 white.
  • Over: In this door, you give the result of 4 dice which will return 4 red or 3 red and 1 white.
  • Under: You can predict 4 white or 3 white 1 red dice.

However, in addition to the popular betting options above, you also have some unique options to place money such as:

  • You bet on 4 dice to come out red.
  • You invest capital in the prediction that 4 dice will come out white.
  • Betting on 4 dice will yield 3 white and 1 red.
  • The player predicts that 4 dice will appear: 3 red and 1 white.

Payout rate in coin toss at okvip

After you have clearly understood the concept of disc jockey? You should also pay attention to learn about the payout rate for each bet when participating at bookmaker okvip. Here are some of the most basic ways to calculate money:

  • Odd even or over/under: You will receive a reward at the ratio of 1:0.96 if your prediction is correct.
  • Bet on 4 dice to be white or red: For this bet, the house will give a payout ratio of 1:14.
  • Bet 3 red 1 white or vice versa: On this bet, the player will receive a payout ratio of 1:2.8.
  • Entering 2 white and 2 red doors: In this door, you will receive a reward at the ratio of 1:1.5.
  • Bet on 4 dice of the same color: You will be offered a payout of 1:6.5 by the house.

This shows that no matter where you invest money, you will receive an extremely high payout rate. So, use your knowledge and experience to bring in huge amounts of money when betting on dice at okvip.
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What is the process of participating in coin toss?

The above section has introduced in detail to you what the concept of disc jockey is? In this section, we will continue to guide you on how to participate in this game through a few basic steps at the reputable bookmaker okvip. Specifically:

  • Step 1: You need to log in to your account via the official link in this article.
  • Step 2: At the main interface, quickly click on the Casino lobby then select coin toss.
  • Step 3: The betting table and doors will appear for you to choose from. However, make sure you still have enough money in your account to place a bet. If not, please proceed to deposit capital via supported forms.
  • Step 4: Next, choose the bet that you think will happen as predicted and put in the money.
  • Step 5: Finally, wait a few seconds for the Dealer to shake. After the results are announced, you can compare to see if you won or not. If there is a match, the money will be immediately added to the game account.

Good tips for playing coin toss for newbies

Understanding the concept of coin tossing is not enough. If you want to ensure the betting process is profitable, you should equip a few good tips below:

  • Careful screening methods should be applied.
  • Use appropriate folding strategies.
  • Review the history of results of previous games.
  • Bet on consecutive winners.
  • Place on one door several times in a row.

Above is the entire content to answer your questions about what is the concept of coin toss? Besides, there are also basic game rules that you need to keep in mind when participating in this type of betting with the leading reputable bookmaker okvip today. Guaranteed to help bettors earn huge income after each investment game.

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