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YANSEN’s YSITXXX-P130 M.2 SSD: High-Performance Storage for Diverse Environments


YANSEN proudly presents the YSITXXX-P130, an M.2 SSD engineered to elevate storage performance in a variety of environments. Boasting a storage capacity ranging from 32GB to 1TB, this industrial sata ssd incorporates state-of-the-art 3D TLC technology, ensuring optimal data storage efficiency and management.

Expansive Storage Capacity

With a wide-ranging storage capacity, the YSITXXX-P130 caters to diverse storage requirements across different applications, offering flexibility and scalability.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Leveraging advanced 3D TLC technology, this industrial sata ssd optimizes data storage and management processes, enhancing overall performance and reliability. Users can expect seamless operation and consistent data access.

Impressive IOPS

Featuring an impressive IOPS of 81K, the YSITXXX-P130 is well-suited for applications demanding frequent read/write operations. This ensures lightning-fast responsiveness and efficiency, vital for high-performance computing tasks.

Efficient Garbage Collection

Equipped with garbage collection technology, the YSITXXX-P130 efficiently clears deleted data from the drive, effectively optimizing storage space and preserving performance over time. This ensures sustained reliability and longevity of the industrial sata ssd.

Wide Temperature Range Compatibility

Operating flawlessly in temperatures ranging from 0℃ to 70℃, the YSITXXX-P130 excels in various environments, from controlled indoor settings to harsh outdoor conditions. Its robust design ensures reliable storage performance, irrespective of the operating environment’s challenges.


In summary, YANSEN’s YSITXXX-P130 M.2 SSD sets a new standard in high-performance storage solutions, delivering unmatched reliability and efficiency across diverse environments. With its cutting-edge technology, expansive storage capacity, and wide temperature range compatibility, this industrial sata ssd is the ideal choice for applications requiring robust and dependable storage solutions. Trust YANSEN to provide the ultimate solution for your storage needs, ensuring seamless data storage and management with unparalleled reliability.

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