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YES TECH’s LED Screens Illuminate Triumphs: Experiencing Iconic Deployments

Since its inception in 2001, YES TECH has pioneered as a leading LED screen manufacturer renowned for its innovation. With over two decades of expertise, YES TECH has cultivated a reputation for excellence, offering a diverse range of LED screens customized for both outdoor and indoor settings. Let’s explore the success stories that exemplify the prowess of YES TECH’s state-of-the-art LED screens for outdoor and indoor applications.

The Magnificence of Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas

A standout achievement for YES TECH was the spectacular Super Bowl LVIII hosted in Las Vegas. The star products showcased at this prestigious event were the MG7S P3.9 and MG Creative-Extended Series—top-tier LED screens designed for outdoor use. These cutting-edge displays created an immersive visual spectacle, enhancing the grandeur of the occasion to unparalleled heights.

News & Events: Revealing the Latest Insights

Stay informed about industry updates and YES TECH’s revolutionary advancements through the dedicated “News & Events” section. From new product introductions to industry perspectives, this platform keeps enthusiasts engaged and informed about the dynamic landscape of LED display technology.

Radiating Brilliance Worldwide

YES TECH’s influence extends across borders, reflecting the brand’s unwavering dedication to delivering excellence on a global scale.

120+ Patents and 6 Global Distribution Centers

YES TECH’s commitment to innovation is underscored by its accumulation of over 120 patents, solidifying its standing as a premier LED screen manufacturer. With a network of 6 global warehouses, streamlined product distribution enhances its international reach.


YES TECH’s LED screens, specifically optimized for outdoor applications, have made a remarkable impact on some of the most renowned events worldwide. From the splendor of the Super Bowl LVIII to a continued dedication to innovation and worldwide accessibility, YES TECH continues to shine as a premier LED screen manufacturer, offering cutting-edge solutions for both outdoor and indoor environments.

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